In the run up to my wedding I decided to make models of fifteen birds, one for each of the tables at our reception. Each bird represented a place that was special to us. I started by drawing each of the birds in Adobe Illustrator before making them out of lathed wooden parts and milliput clay. I finished them by priming and sanding several times before the final decorative coat using acrylics. 

Below are the original designs on which the models were based.

Below is a little step-by-step of how the Flamingo came together. I started with wooden dowel and lathed spheres to create the basic shape. Next came the detail which was achieved by adding and sanding Milliput air drying clay. Priming the model in grey at this point showed up any imperfections, especially where the milliput had been blended into the wood, so sanding with increasingly fine sandpaper ensured a smooth surface. One final layer of whiter primer was followed by the acrylic paint job. Once all the detail was finished I applied a layer of matt varnish to protect the model.