Copier Capers

This was a cross-platform game that I developed at Home with Sarah Clackson, Dave North, Alex Saxon and Ben King. I was involved from the concept creation right through to working with the developer, focusing mainly on designing the user interface and game play.

The Homies have got a little out of control at their Christmas party and are messing around the with the photocopier. There is one last important document to print out and it's up to you to sort out the client's pages from the Homie's dodgy photocopies by swiping them into the correct pile. You're against the clock and the photocopier speeds up so you'll require fast fingers to post a high score.

Leg It!

Leg It! is a concept for a mobile game that I am currently developing. Pick your character and prepare to run for your life through various levels as you get chased by the monsters that inhabit them. Dodge all the obstacles, using a few power ups along the way, and you can beat the monster run which will see your character's stamina and speed improve. Leg it!

Sumo Bounce

This is another game that is in the early stages of development. The premise is simple - control the trajectory of your jumping Sumo wrestler as they bounce of trampolines through hooped targets. Now that I write it down it seems very bizarre... but the early bounce mechanics tests look fun!