Here is a collection of my storyboarding work over the last few years. It features my work at Aardman Animation, on Shaun the Sheep, The Pirates! and Morph, as well as some snippets of my work as a story artist and director at Home.

Aardman Animations (2007-2012)

Below is a board from an episode of Shaun the Sheep Series 3 called 'Hang Glider'. It's my favourite ever sequence as it brings back amusing memories of me and the Director discussing whether the BBC would allow us to include it. I'm pleased to say it got through!

And here is the episode itself. The sequence above takes place at 04:14.

Below are some of my preliminary sketches upon receiving the script for 'Ribbon'; an episode of the BBC series 'Championsheeps'. I find sketching out early ideas is a good way of getting a feel for the story beats before committing to the linear narrative of a storyboard. Discussing these scamps with the director is useful way of sparking ideas for the more refined sequences in the next stage.

Below is the final animation of the episode. It was such a pleasure to work on this one because there was so much scope for movement and character expression. My background as an animator really helped here as I was able to really visualise the key poses and the fluid movement between them.

Whilst working on Pirates! as a lip snyc animator I started to train in order to move into storyboarding full time. Under the watchful eye of Mike Salter (Aardman story royalty) I worked on several versions of a sequence from the DVD bonus featurette. It was a crash course and gave me the professional experience that I needed to hit the ground running when I started on Shaun the Sheep a few months later.

Whilst working on series 3 of Shaun I was lucky enough to be asked to board an episode of Morph to sit in a new Aardman pilot called 'Ricky's Radical Reinventions'. It was one to tick off the bucket list.

All character designs and intellectual property belong to Aardman Animations.


During my time working with Home I've been lucky enough to illustrate, storyboard and direct film work for some amazing global brands. It has been a hugely valuable experience to work to for people based all over the globe and push myself to improve how I visually communicate.

Unfortunately, as almost all the work we do is internal I am sworn to secrecy and therefore can't really show much of it off. But check out the clients that I've worked with!

Below is a page of storyboard that I did for Home's client WildKnowledge. It was promoting an app that got children connecting with the environment around them.

Below is an early concept storyboard that I did after a brainstorming session for another one of Home's clients - Dell EMC. It was an ambitious live action/CGI proposal that ultimately the budget would not stretch to, but a fun exercise in the use of how camera angles can influence an animation sequence nevertheless.

Dell EMC storyboard_Page_1.jpg
Dell EMC storyboard_Page_2.jpg

Below is a page of the storyboard I did for Home's client FreshWater Watch. It was a great initiative aiming to empower citizen scientists to test water cleanliness and submit their local results to a global database. More details, and the film itself, can be found at

Live Action Storyboard Drop Shadow-01.jpg